Smartmi DC Air Condition1.5 Horsepower

On a warm day, everything is beautiful

First-Grade Energy Efficiency|Powerful Heating and Cooling|Smart Controls|Excellent Craftsmanship
  • DC Frequency Conversion
  • First-Grade Energy Efficiency
  • Eco-friendly Refrigerant
  • Incredibly Quiet
  • Powerful Heating and Cooling
  • Smart Temperature Control
  • Super De-humidification
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter

Adding warmth to your moments of leisure

Your comfort is our only concern

The Smartmi DC Air Conditioner is all about making you feel comfortable.
We’ve put our all into making the best product for helping you live a more wonderful life.

Powerful Air Conditioning
that cares about how you sense the temperature

Superior heat exchange gives you the temperature you want

The Smartmi Air Conditioner has found a balance between design and function, reaching peak performance and increased efficiency. We use an
integrated dual rack arc-shaped heat-exchanging unit to create a large heating area, and 0.01mm added thickness hydrophilic aluminum fins to
increase intensity and prevent air flaps from flipping over.

3 dimensional output to take care of more of your room

Large scale lossless air duct design, to build a spacious interior airway

We have improved our air output system. The new large diameter fan allows for more powerful output, and the three-stage output guidance system
allows for complete, uniform air flow. Its 30˚ slanted flaps reduce air resistance, and ensure strong, steady output.

Wide Output Vents
Low Noise, Strong Output

Wide, non-equidistant, slanted fan blades organized into staggered
rows effectively reduce air resistance and vibration, which in turn
reduces noise, giving you quiet, controlled air flow.

Precise Control - Accurate to 0.1℃
Constant room temperature

Letting you rest comfortably

Precise control lets you adjust the temperature in increments as small as 0.1. Our preci-
sion cold air circulation adjustment system and DC frequency conversion control tech-
nology reduces fluctuations in room temperature, avoiding the discomfort brought on by
sudden changes between hot and cold. Once it has reached the appropriate tempera-
ture, the AC unit will automatically change to temperature stabilizing mode.

  • High Precision Humidity Sensor
  • DC Frequency Conversion
  • Electronic Expansion Valve for
    Meticulous Airflow Control
  • Precision Cold Air Circulation
    Adjustment System
    Airflow Control

High-Efficiency Frequency Conversion Compressor
Powerful inner chip design facilitates strong performance

Stable, Highly-Efficient Control - Accurate to 0.1Hz

The powerful capabilities of a DC frequency conversion air conditioner come from having a
strong, reliable valve stem. The Smartmi AC uses a highly effective DC frequency conversion
compressor made using rare earth minerals. With PFC frequency conversion, sine waves drive
the frequency conversion rotor, lowering operational noise, and preserving the compressor’s
operational life and capacity.

First-Grade Energy Efficiency, Returning to Nature

Environmentally Friendly to Set your Mind at Ease

The APF of this device reaches 4.75, and using R410A as the refrigerant ensures efficien-
cy and environmentally friendly operation, allowing you to relax and enjoy a greener life.

Exceptionally Quiet
Letting you enjoy a good night’s sleep

As quiet as 21dB(A), you can leave it running through the night

We are bringing change and innovation to air conditioning. We are advancing noise-re-
duction technology, decreasing resonance between components, and making smoother,
lighter airflow. High-quality DC motor and automobile sound insulation materials let us
achieve this level of quietness.

OLED Display A harmonious exchange
between human and machine

High-resolution display lets you check your AC status at a glance

Four-colored light rings clearly communicate the current status of your air conditioner.
Temperature settings, air flap positioning, and other such information is all clearly dis-
played on the OLED screen. The OLED screen does not require another light source, is
visible from many angle, and has a very short response time.

Air Conditioning Mode Heating Mode De-humidifier Mode Air Circulating Mode

Cubic, Suspended Design
The Beauty of Spatial Integration

The Beauty of Spatial Integration

The indoor component adopts a suspended design style. Place the component on your
wall, enjoy the aesthetics of its resilient ABS semi-gloss paneling and elegant detailing.

Higher production standards
make for a more pleasing outdoor component

Using commercial standards to create home appliances

A highly durable exterior component built to high standards ensures that your air conditioner will operate well for a long time. Our unique structural
design improves the device’s strength rating, improves the fan grating, creating a powerful exhaust which is able to pass through half-closed shutters.

Painstaking Craftsmanship to Create a Long-lasting Product

We have pored over every detail, making sure even the parts you can’t see are beautiful too

We have deliberated over and polished even the slightest details - this is our commitment to high quality. The interior structure is intricately designed - we
have pursued beauty in shaping every nook and cranny. The Smartmi DC Air Conditioner has over 60 large parts, and over 500 small parts, which is twice
as much as our competitors. Our strict craftsmanship standards demonstrate our honest commitment to our work.

Passing on the Genes of Simple Design
The Remote Control extends
the Beauty of your Air Conditioner

The Smart Menu deepens control over your air

The remote control uses the same impeccable craftsmanship and materials as the indoor
component. From the moment you touch it, you will be able to feel its exquisite texture,
modern simplicity, and ease of use. The internal sensor inside the remote control knows when
you pick it up, and automatically turns on the display.

User-Friendly Smart Control
We know what you’re concerned about

A Smart Conditioner is One Step Ahead in Embracing Beauty

A smart air conditioner can monitor and control your indoor environment. Using the MIJIA
app, you are not only able to remotely control your air conditioner, you can also use the
cloud-based PMV comfort mode, which recommends an optimal temperature based on
weather trends from different areas. You can also check energy usage statistics in the MIJIA
app as well as graphical display and a meticulous record of your daily usage.

  • [1] PP Anti-Bacterial, Mold Prevention Filter, According to GB 21551.2-2010 Appendix A, we measured that our filter was able to reduce bacillus coli and staphylococcus aureus populations by over 99% in a membrane application test. According to GB 21551.2-2010 Appendix C, our filter measured 0-Grade mold prevention ability.
  • [2] Suitable area is calculated using the machine’s fixed refrigeration capacity of 3500W. The national HVAC industry recommended heating load is 150-200W/㎡. Refrigeration capacity divided by heating load is 500/150=23.3,3500/200=17.5. Therefore, the suitable area for this unit is 18-23㎡, but due to uncertainties within indoor environments, we recommend this unit for use in areas 16-23㎡
  • [3] Source: China Quality Certification Center, China Energy Efficiency Product Certification Certificate, Certificate Number CQC17701173545
  • [4] APF is calculated according to the annual energy consumption rate. A fixed refrigeration of capacity CC less than or equal to 4500W. The national standard for first-grade energy efficiency is APF greater than or equal to 4.50
  • [5] Quietness passed testing reports performed by the Weikai Testing Technology Company, Ltd. Designated by the China Quality Certification Center. Report number WTS2017-10088. Tested in sleep mode, actual data and specific testing environments may produce different results.