Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S

Another upgrade for a classic, letting you see high-quality air
OLED Screen | Laser PM particle Sensor
310m³/h CADR | 360° Intake, Triple-Layer Purification

The newly added OLED Screen lets you see high-efficiency purification in action

The upgraded OLED screen more accurately displays real-time PM2.5 concentration, humidity, temperature, Wi-Fi connectivity,
and operational mode, putting changes in indoor air quality in the palm of your hand, and letting you see the quality of the air you breathe.

PM2.5 Index Display Favorite Mode Sleep mode Automatic Mode

Screen brightness automatically adjusts to avoid disrupting you at night

The laser sensor on the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S will automatically detect changes in environmental illumination,
and will adjust screen brightness accordingly to avoid disturbing you at night, and let you sleep comfortably.

High-Precision Laser Sensor – More Sensitive, More Accurate

The high-precision laser sensor acts as the ‘eyes’ of the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S It detects particles
as small as 0.3μm[1], and instantly provide an air quality report. Particles will have nowhere to hide.

Every 10 minutes, the air in your room is completely replaced

The highly-effective air pressurization system we designed lets the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S do
a whole lot with just a little machine. Its CADR can reach 310m³/h[2], and is suitable for 21~37m² areas[3].
In a 21m² room, it needs only 10 minutes to completely recycle the air.

Triple-Layer Filtration, Effective at every Layer

Integrated 360° barrel-shaped filter, triple-layer purification

First, the effective primary filter traps large particulate matter such as hair, fur, and dust. The
second layer is an H11-grade high-efficiency filter[4] made by TORAY which eliminates small to
micro- to nanoscale particles, and can stop the spread of disease causing bacteria and fungus.
The third layer is a high quality activated carbon filter, which adsorbs hazardous materials such as
formaldehyde, and effectively eliminates strange odors. Newly added RFID smart filter recognition
simplifies daily use and ensures effective purification by ensuring the legitimacy of your filter.

Continuing our classic tower-style WindPath design

The first two generations of Xiaomi Air Purifiers have proven that our classic tower-style
construction makes effective use of machine space, and puts more powerful purification capability
inside of a smaller machine. We widened the air intake area by adding another 943 air intake holes,
creating a three-dimensional purification WindPath.

Mijia app Smart Controls[5]

Using the Mijia app, you can freely control the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S. You can monitor changes
in indoor and outdoor air quality in real-time, choose the most suitable operational mode for your
indoor area, check humidity and temperature, and set an on-off timer to ensure you always arrive to
already purified area. When your filter is reaching the end of its operational life, the app will
automatically alert you, and let you purchase a new filter with the press of a button.

Quiet Operation, Energy Efficient

In order to reduce the noise caused by air friction, we have carefully designed every part that air passes
through. In sleep mode, wind travels like a hardly detectable slight breeze[6]. Custom-designed electric motors
from Nidec only use 4.8W under the standard operating mode, using even less energy than
an energy-saving lightbulb.

[1]All data shown on this page, unless otherwise indicated, comes from our company laboratory. Actual data may vary slightly across different environments. This data is only for reference.
[2]According to CADR data published by the China Household Electric Appliances Testing Center, the air in a 21m² area with a ceiling of 2.4m can be replaced in ten minutes. Test Report No.: WCk-17-50468.
[3]The effective area is calculated using the CADR index. The effective area may be affected by ceiling height, floor area ratio and other such factors. The effective area of the Xiaomi Mijia Air Purifier 2S is equal to CADR x (0.07~0.12),
relevant CADR data comes from reports published by the China Household Electric Appliances Testing Center.
[4]The TORAY High-Efficiency Filter can eliminate ultra-fine nanoparticle pollutants including airborne allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, etc.), bacteria, and some viruses.
[5]For specific functions, we recommend consulting the in-app help.
[6]After installing the Mijia smart app, you can chose to place the machine into high-strength mode, which will produce a noticeable increase in noise. Noise reports come from testing done by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Product
Quality Supervision Testing Center, report no.: 2017120-35-1208815001. The product was found to meet national standards.
[7]Special thanks to acf:home for their assistance with the filming area.

Fully Compatible
With all Xiaomi Air Filters