Our patented WindPath system
was designed by experts in air dynamics

In a fluid dynamics laboratory, our engineers modelled air currents according to the principles of air dynamics,
and took inspiration from aircraft engine design to create our air purifier. Our patented double-fan system increases air pressure
and output, which, when combined with its tower-style construction, creates a powerful air pressurization system.

High-Efficiency Air Pressurization System

  • Exhaust Grate

    Through improving the boundary between the grate and fan blades we have reduced air resistance,
    letting air flow in a more ideal manner.

  • Axial-Flow Fan Blades

    Axial-flow fan blades increase wind speed, sending a steady whirlpool of air into your ceiling.
    The air then disperses in 360°to cover the whole room.

  • Brushless DC Motor

    A brushless DC motor is the ideal electric motor for an air purifier. We use custom-built DC motors from Nidec,
    an internationally famous Japanese DC motor company. Its interior drive circuit allows for step-less speed change,
    and lasts twice as long as the average brushless DC motor

  • Mixed-Flow Fan Blades

    Our 9 mixed-flow fan blades design combines the benefits of axial-flow fans and turbine fans to produce large wind output,
    and high air pressure.Taking in dirty air from far away, and rapidly blowing out clean air.

  • Conical Wind Path

    A conical wind path takes up less space, and allows for smoother air flow.

  • Triple-Layer Purification, Highly-Effective Filter

    Our 360° barrel-shaped filter combined a primary filter, H11-grade high-efficiency filter,
    and active carbon filter which ensures adequate filtration capacity and effective filtration of suspended particulate matter.

Triple-Layer Filtration, Effective at every Layer

Integrated 360° barrel-shaped filter, triple-layer purification

First, the effective primary filter traps large particulate matter such as hair, fur, and dust.
The second layer is an H11-grade high-efficiency filter [4] made by TORAY which eliminates small
to micro- to nanoscale particles, and can stop the spread of disease causing bacteria and fungus.
The third layer is a high quality activated carbon filter, which adsorbs hazardous materials such as
formaldehyde, and effectively eliminates strange odors. Newly added RFID smart filter recognition
simplifies daily use and ensures effective purification by ensuring the legitimacy of your filter.

RFID Identification Label
Every filter is unique

The Smartmi Mijia Air Purifier S2 and filters use RFID electronic labels
for recognition. Every filter has a unique ID label.

One-Button Filter Purchase

You can use the Mijia app to check your filter usage.
When it is time to replace the filter, the app will automatically alert you,
and with the press of a button a new filter will be delivered to your door.

Fully Compatible
With all Xiaomi Air Filters