Mijia Air purifier Pro

Faster, Stronger Purification

OLED Display | Laser PM Sensor | 500m³/h CADR | 60m² Effective Area

Surging Purification Power
Cleans More Space in Less Time

When we’re trying to live a better life, we sometimes overlook our health.
In order to actually live better, we created the Mijia Air Purifier Pro. It has
a CADR of 500m³/h, an effective area of 60m² , and uses an all-new OLED
display and high-precision laser PM sensor to help you live a healthier life.

  • 500m³/h

  • Improved Air
    Pressure System

  • 35 m²~60 m²
    Effective Area

  • OLED

  • APP
    mart Controls

  • High-Precision
    Laser Sensor

500m³/h CADR Systemic Circulation!
A Roomful of Clean Air in an Instant

The Mijia Air Purifier Pro’s improved air pressurization system allows it to reach a 500m³/ CADR. Its classic tower-shaped design creates a 360° circulation pattern that
absorbs dust, PM2.5, formaldehyde, and other materials. It’s like having a forest in your living room - making you not want to leave your house,
and letting you experience what technology can bring to your life. [1]*

Superior Propelling System Lets Purity Surge Forth

While the Mijia Air Purifier Pro is quietly keeping you company, it is continuing to purify the air around you. It relies entirely on the fans and fan blades at its core.
Superior design increases air pressure, which lets it pull more air into the filters.

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Layer-by-layer Filtration
Clean air needs to be treated again and again

Air quality affects your health, so you can’t be careless. The all-new Mijia Air Purifier Pro continues to
use an integrated barrel-shaped filter which combines an effective primary filter, high-efficiency filtration
materials, and activated carbon into a triple layer filtration net. Layer-by-layer, it filters out large particles
like dust, hair, and pollen, and small or even molecular hazards like formaldehyde to bring you a consistent purification experience.

Effective Primary Filter
Traps Large Particles

Our primary filter is made out of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), known for its strength,
bending tolerance, and resistance to oils, acids, alkalies, and other such damaging substances.
This guarantees a long service life even with extended use.

  • Dust
  • Hair
  • Flakes
  • Fibers

High-Efficiency Filter

Our high-efficiency filter can filter micro- to nano-scale particles. Made with TORAY high-grade filtration
materials and an intricate ridged design, high-pressure folding reduces wind resistance,
and improves air flow. [2]

  • PM 2.5
  • 0.3 ~ 0.5μm
  • Fibers

High-Quality Activated Carbon
Eliminates Formaldehyde and Strange Odors

We select premium columnar activated carbon for its large surface area, developed pore structure,
strong adsorption ability, and resistance to wear, which provides better results,
and greatly improves purification ability.

  • Renovation Pollutants Renovation Pollutants
    radon, TVOC
  • Restroom Pollutants
    Ammonia, trimethylamine hydrogen
    sulfide, indole
  • Refuse Pollutants Trimethylamine, methanethiol,
    hydrogen sulfide, ethane

Clean Air

Let endless clean air fill every corner of your room.

60m² of Space! Plenty of Room for Super Strong Purification

Being in a high-quality space is an important part of life. Whether it is a living room, private office, café, or an art gallery, all places should have clean air.
In order to provide cleaner air for the spaces in your life, the Mijia Air Purifier Pro improves on the 37m² effective area of previous generations of Xiaomi air purifiers by
expanding its effective area to 60m² , providing high-efficiency air purification for large spaces. [3]*

Brand-New OLED Display
Accurately Displays Real-Time Air Quality

Making the quality of the air you breathe visible. The Mijia Air Purifier Pro has an OLED Display which
acts as an indoor air quality information center. It displays PM2.5 Concentration, Temperature, Humidity,
Wi-Fi Connectivity, and current operating mode on one screen, letting you monitor changes in indoor air
quality, and easily check the current temperature and humidity level.

User-Friendly Colored Indicator Light
Lets You Check the Current AQI at a Glance

We installed an indicator light along the outside edge of the air quality display that changes from
green to orange to red based on the current indoor PM2.5 concentration. As the PM2.5 concentration
changes, the light will change color, and can simultaneously adjust the Mijia Air Purifier Pro to a more
suitable gear to make it easier for you to control your indoor air quality.

Screen Brightness Automatically Adjusts
Clearly Visible During the Day,
Not Disruptive at Night

In order to better adapt to different environments, the Mijia Air Purifier Pro has a light
sensor. At night, when you’re trying to sleep, the light sensor will automatically sense
changes in environmental lighting, and dim the display accordingly to let you get a good
night’s sleep.

High-Precision Laser Sensor – Pollutants Have Nowhere to Hide

Only by using technology to change the smallest details can we make life more refined. The Mijia Air Purifier Pro’s high-precision laser
sensor acts as its eyes, letting it see on a microscopic level. It can accurately distinguish particulate matter as small as 0.3µm [4],
and provides real-time feedback to give you a precise reflection of current air quality conditions.

  • Real-Time Response
  • Continuous Data Collection
  • Distinguishes Fine Particles

Continuing the Beauty
of Classic Design

The simple but sophisticated Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro carries on our classic
design as a fusion of the power of technology and the beauty of life. It relies
on advanced engineering design and rich manufacturing experience to
continuously improve, and give users higher-quality craftsmanship and
a better user experience. Technology. Purity. Health. Perfection.
This is the beauty of the all-new Mijia Air Purifier Pro.

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Mijia App Smart Controls

Using the Mijia App, you can: check changes in indoor and outdoor air quality in real time; find the most optimal operating mode for
your room; let your purifier study your usage habits, and automatically turn off or change modes according to your life needs;
check temperature, humidity, and receive more health notifications; or schedule automatic startup, so that a room full of clean air is
waiting when you come home. [5]*

Want to know more about how we
make this kind of powerful purification
power a reality?

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