Power from Precision

In order to better integrate technology into products, and make life easier, the Mijia Air Purifier Pro has redesigned
its airflow and pressurization systems. With its 500m³/h CADR, it provides 360° output to reach every corner of your room.

Integrated Output Grate

Its dense output grate cuts through the air to create a more uniform air
flow, and its round shape reduces noise and wind resistance,
sending an even stream of clean air towards your ceiling.

Axial Flow Fan

The axial flow fan creates another increase of speed as the air leaves the
purifier. Nine broad, angled fan blades increase air pressure, increase
speed, and reduce noise.

Twin Brushless DC Motors

DC motors custom-built by Nidec, a world famous DC motor
manufacturer, allow for stepless speed changing, resulting in more
uniform, steady air flow.

Closed-Loop Conical Air Path

A closed-loop conical air path increases the air pressure of the current
coming out of the centrifugal fan. The plastic along the air path has been
closed to reduce friction, creating a smoother air flow, noticeably
reducing noise, and improving energy efficiency.

Backward-Inclined Centrifugal Fan

Mijia engineers have improved on the old turbine style fans. When
volume is constant, the structure of a backward-inclined centrifugal fan
results in increased suction, output, and air pressure.

Integrated Barrel-shaped Filter
Triple Layer High-Efficiency Purification

The Mijia Air Purifier Pro uses the traditional integrated barrel-shaped filter found in
other Xiaomi air purifiers. It combines an effective primary filter, high-efficiency filtration
materials, and activated carbon into a comprehensive triple-layer filtration net. The filter
maintains excellent air output while ensuring that all airborne pollutants are effectively
eliminated, whether they are large particles like dust and hair, harmful small particulate
matter, or molecular pollutants like formaldehyde.

Every Filter is Unique

The Mijia Air Purifier Pro can identify your filter based on its RFID tag. You don’t need to
reset the machine after changing the filter like you did before. Let every filter have its
own identity. Let every filter be unique.

Smart Filter Change Notifications
One-Button Filter Purchasing

Enjoying clean air shouldn’t be a hassle, nor should changing your filter. You can check
filter usage inside the app, and when it is time to change filters, the app will automatical
ly notify you. All you need to do is press purchase, and a brand-new official filter will be
promptly delivered to your door.

Fully Compatible
With all Xiaomi Air Filters

Mijia Air Purifier Filter (All-New)

Triple Layer Purification of Suspended Matter | Inhalable Particulate Matter
| Formaldehyde, and Strange Odors
  • Primary Filter
    Blocks Large Particulate Matter
  • High-Efficiency Filter
    Filters out Inhalable Particulate Matter
  • Activated Carbon
    Filters out Inhalable Particulate Matter

Mijia Air Purifier Filter
(Enhanced Anti-Formaldehyde Edition)

Blocks Dangerous Bacteria and Fungi | Effectively Eliminates PM2.5
| Effectively Eliminates Formaldehyde
  • Primary Filter
    Blocks Large Particulate Matter
  • Filters out Inhalable
    Particulate Matte
  • Net-Shaped Activated
    Carbon Filter