Smartmi Pedestal Fan

Feeling the natural breeze indoor and outdoor

Simulates Natural Wind / Quiet Operation / Lightweight and Portable / Smart Controls


A comfortable breeze is a gift from nature

Natural-Style Wind
Cracking the Code for Comfortable, Natural Wind

Complex changes in speed; steady, but broad coverage; linearly flowing air....
The subtleties of natural wind are what makes it truly impressive
Our designers have put their hearts into cracking the code for natural wind, and have developed an innovative hardware
and software combination thatcan finally simulate truly natural wind.

The Smartmi DC Fan simulates the random
algorithmic curve of real natural wind
A speed-time graph of real natural wind
( Beijing Botanical Garden at 16:00, April 24, 2016; data source: Smartmi Laboratory)
An ordinary AC fan, graph of switching
between four preset levels

Creates as little noise as 29dB(A)
A quiet fan allows for a quiet mind

The brushless DC motor we use avoids the friction generated by the carbon brushes
of traditional motors. After trying dozens of combinations and solutions regarding things
influencing noise, we finally managed to bring the fan’s noise level down to as low as
29dB(A)*. All of this is just to give you a tranquil midsummer night’s dream.

(* Data taken from the Smartmi Laboratory. Environmental differences may effect data. This data is
only for reference)

Internal Battery
16 hours of Refreshing Breezes

The Smartmi DC Pedestal Fan uses 33.6W-h batteries, and thus frees you from the
need for a power cord. These batteries last up to 16 hours*. The fan’s lightweight 3.4kg
body design makes it easily carried with one hand. You can place it indoors, outdoors,
anywhere your heart desires without having to worry about the power cord.

(* 16 hours assumes use of the 1.9W-h 1st speed or lower, and not using the swaying function)

Fusing exquisite craftsmanship with simple
design aesthetics

“ Natural” is the Expression of Nature’s Beauty
“ Simple” is the Expression of Life’s Beauty
In order to let product design aesthetics naturally fuse into daily life, and let everybody share in the joy brought by our
techniques, we rely on advanced engineering design and rich manufacturing experience to pursue higher quality
craftsmanship, and make products that move people.

Smart Controls - Moving the Wind to your Whim

Our fan can be freely controlled through the MIJIA app
You can set up to four kinds of swaying angles, a shutdown timer, and remote controls,
or you can create a timetable to automatically turn the fan on and off according to your daily schedule.
You can define a smart utilization programme that belongs to you.

A Natural Fan Designed for Nature Itself

The Smartmi DC Pedestal Fan not only simulates natural wind, it also dedicates some of its strength to protecting nature.
The DC frequency conversion motor used by the fan provides a higher power conversion rate than traditional motors,
Power consumption while operating on 1st speed is only 1.9W-h, so it could run for 500 hours on 1kW of electricity*.

(* Data taken from the Smartmi Laboratory. Environmental differences may effect data. This data is only for reference)

Operating on 1st speed consumes only 1.9W-h
1kW-h provides 500 hours of operation