Smartmi Antibacterial Humidifier

Smart Humidification – A Clean and Humid Duet

Convenient refilling | UV sterilizer | Large output | Smart humidification

A New Movement in your Life
Starting from a clean, humid environment

Life needs humid air, but even more it needs clean air.
Health and happiness are the rhythm of life.

UVGI removes bacteria from every drop of water
Purity is the keynote of a healthy life

To make the air you breathe more clean and safe, we use Stanley Electronics Components’ Ultraviolet Cold Cathode Lamps,
which use ultraviolet light to break down the DNA chains within microbes, killing 98.8% of bacteria before the water is turned into
mist. Bacteria is unable to grow inside of the humidifier, ensuring that it releases clean, moist air, so you never have to worry
about bacteria in the air you breathe.

  • Antibacterial ultraviolet rays directly
    break down DNA chains within microbes
  • Stanley’s UV-CCL
    eliminates 98.8% of bacteria.

Antibacterial materials prevent bacterial growth
Providing another layer of protection

In order to prevent bacterial and fungal growth within the humidifier, all components that come into contact with water are made
using broad-spectrum antibacterial ABS materials. These materials are effective at preventing the spread of many common
illness-causing microbes such as E. coli, P. aeruginosa, S. aureus (Staph), and Klebsiella. These materials are even more
effective at preventing the growth of common household molds and fungi such as Aspergillus and Chaetomium.

Grade 0 Antimicrobial Efficacy
Grade 0 Antimicrobial Efficacy
Grade 0 Antimicrobial Efficacy
Protected against weathering and long-term discoloration

Convenient Top-Down Refilling Design
Love the little pleasures in life

The water tanks on traditional ultrasonic humidifiers are designed to separate,
you carry and flip a heavy container of water. This design wastes time, and
wastes energy. The Smartmi Antibacterial Humidifier uses an innovative elec-
tronic valve which closes and opens in response to the water level in the tank,
letting you add water when you please without interrupting the humidifier’s oper-
ation. This saves you energy, and makes your life just a little bit easier.

3.5L Large Capacity Tank
Comfortably Humid All Day

Do you find yourself always running back and forth to refill your humidifier?
Now, there’s no need. Our 3.5L water tank provides 16 hours of continuous
operation with one refill, letting you take your mind off of it, and keep you
from having to refill it in the middle of the night. Combined with its conve-
nient top-down refilling design, it makes humidification easy and long-last-

  • 3.5L
    Super Capacity
  • 16 hours of
    continuous humidification

Open Style Water Tank and Waterway
Putting Purity In Arm's Reach

Regularly cleaning the water tank ensures the sanitary operation of your humidifier.
The Smartmi Antibacterial Humidifier uses a special open-mouthed water tank and carefully designed open,
unidirectional waterway to let you directly clean every nook and cranny, putting purity in arm’s reach.


High-frequency Atomizer for greater output
Like drinking a bottle of water every 60 minutes

Our high-frequency ultrasonic atomizer has a high-quality glass glazed surface, and double sintered ceramic body.
It can spray up to 1.2m, letting you enjoy the feel of delicate mist on your skin. Total output can reach 355ml per hour,
equivalent to a bottle of water being added to the air around you every 60 minutes.


All-Day Humidity Monitoring
Smart Control Humification Mode

The brilliance of the Smartmi Antibacterial Humidifier lies in its humidity sensor. Our humidifier can automatically determine when
the environment has fallen below 40% humidity, and increase the speed of the atomizer and exhaust fan to add more moisture
to the air. When humidity exceeds 60%, the humidifier will control humidification to keep moisture at a comfortable level.
If the environment goes above 70% humidity, the humidifier will automatically stop to keep moisture at a healthy,
comfortable level, and avoid the discomfort of high humidity.


Water Level Monitoring and CapSense Technology
Double-layered Water Shortage Protection

Even if you forget to refill the water tank, you don’t need to worry. Our humidifier has double-layered insurance against
water shortage through water level monitoring and CapSense technology. When either function detects a water shortage,
it will automatically place the humidifier in standby to prevent burning. This ensures the safety of the device,
and ensures the longevity of both the atomizer, and the humidifier as a whole.


Safe Low-Voltage Operation

The humidifier is rated for a 34V input, which is safe for the human body. It uses an external power adapter to minimize the risk of electrical contact.

Water Tank Removal Response

If you remove the water tank while the machine is operating,
the electromagnetic valve will automatically close, the atomizer will pause,
and the antibacterial UV lamp will turn off.


Fully controllable app allows you to create
your own ideal environment

You can remotely control your humidifier through the Mijia app. The “Target Humidity Setting” allows you to preset your ideal
level of humidity, and start humidification. The “On/Off Timer” allows you to schedule when the machine will turn on and off to
ensure continuous humidification even while sleeping. The “Custom Scene” setting allows you to connect this device with other
smart Xiaomi products.

  • Level Adjustment
  • Remote Control
  • Target Humidity Setting
  • On/Off Timer
  • Custom Scene

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No.: (2016)DM16-113. These results were obtained under laboratory conditions, conditions under normal use may produce different results.

[3]Smartmi interior laboratory testing found that the humidifier can sustain 16 hours of operation in Level 1 operating mode. Results may differ under actual use,

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Aside from reports indicated on this page, all data comes from our company laboratory. . Results may differ under actual use, in different environments,

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