MIJIA PM2.5 Detector

Whenever, wherever, local air quality is in the palm of your hand

High-Precision Laser Sensor/ Integrated Black OLED
Screen/ Smart Linkage/ Lightweight and Portable

Is the air you’re breathing really clean?

Are the blue sky and white clouds you see really clean? Sometimes, a clear,
sunny sky does not mean the air is truly clean, the air could still contain many harmful substances.

MIJIA PM2.5 Detector
Whenever, wherever, local air quality is in the palm of your hand

The MIJIA PM2.5 detector was created as a solution to the problem of being unable to check one’s surrounding air quality at
any given moment. This compact device is equipped with a black OLED screen, and with the addition of a precise laser sensor,
it can provide you with the PM2.5 index of your immediate surroundings at any time. When connected with a Xiaomi air purifier,
it can make purifying the air a more simple and casual. This is the unique charm of the MIJIA PM2.5 detector!

Smart Linkage
An Air Purifier’s Closest Companion

If you have purchased a Xiaomi air purifier, your PM2.5 detector will become your purifier’s best friend.
You can use these devices to establish an acceptable range for the local air pollution index. If local pol-
lution exceeds this index, your air purifier will automatically turn on and start improving air quality. The air
purifier is also able to read the pollution index measured by the PM2.5 detector, and use it as reference
to more accurately carry out air purification*.

*The MIJIA PM2.5 detector can only be linked with a Xiaomi Air Purifier, Xiaomi Air Purifier 2, and
MIJIA Air Purifier Pro.

Good morning, air purification
has already been completed.

By the time the first ray of sunlight shines upon your face, your MIJIA PM2.5 detector will have
long since started your Xiaomi air purifier for you. All you have to worry about is getting out of bed!
Go invigorate yourself with a few deep breaths of clean air, but don’t forget to take a look at the
time and ensure that you won’t be late for work!


Good night! Your air purifier has
already been turned off for you.

After a full day of purification, the air quality in your home is looking pretty good, so let your
air purifier rest for a while too. Set a fixed time for the air purifier to shut off, and rest sound-
ly without disruptions. In order to ensure quality sleep, your PM2.5 detector will adjust its
screen brightness to avoid disturbing you.


Palm-sized, Fits into your Pocket

Our PM 2.5 detector is small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can carry it everywhere.
Our minimalist design let us shrink it to 62x37x62(mm) with a weight of only 100g. Simple
design; Dimensions: 62 x 37 x 62 ( mm ); Weight: 100g. The standard battery lasts through
2-3 hours of continuous use, letting you measure your surrounding air quality whether
you’re heading outside or staying indoors.

  • 62x37x62(mm)
    Small size

  • 100g

  • 2-3 Hours
    Long Lasting

  • Take a walk, get some fresh air

    Every morning, your parents go out for their morning exercises. If they take a MIJIA
    PM2.5 detector with them, they can more easily pay attention to their surrounding air
    quality, and better manage their time spent outdoors.

  • Relax, you can breathe deeply in your car too!

    It’s the afternoon, and you’re on your way to visit a client. With a quick glance at
    the MIJIA PM2.5 detector, you can check the air quality inside your vehicle, and know
    whether today is a ‘crack open the windows’ kind of day, or a ‘turn on the air purifier’ kind of day.

  • Work is finally over, time to go play some ball

    In the evening, grab a few friends and go play some ball, but before leaving make sure to
    check the air quality with your MIJIA PM2.5 detector. If you’re going to be doing intense
    aerobic exercise, you should be able to make sure that the air you’re breathing is healthy.

Totally Natural, Integrated Black OLED Screen

The device’s black screen is integrated with its body to give it a smooth, but striking appearance. Unlike traditional LCD screens,
OLED screens are not back-lit, boast a higher resolution and provide faster response times. Its color-changing indicator light also
serves an intuitive way to check the surrounding air quality at a glance.

High-precision Laser Sensor
Leaves impurities no place to hide

The MIJIA PM2.5 detector knows the devil is in the details. Its built-in high-precision laser
sensor lets it clearly see things in a micro level - picking up particles as small as 0.3m – which
allows it to accurately reflect the surrounding air quality. When paired with a Xiaomi air purifier,
it helps keep your home clean and natural.

From the Inside Out,
Built to Industrial-Level Manufacturing Standards

The MIJIA PM2.5 detector is able to accurately read data because it of its ingenious
design, industrial-level manufacturing standards.

One-Button Functionality

Simple appearance combined with even simpler operation. There’s literally only one button.
It is not only able to display environmental data. With the press of a button, you can switch
it to instantly display the time.

A Small Head, but a Huge Brain

Smart controls let you worry less.

  • Remote Monitoring Even when you’re out, you can check the air quality in your home through
    the mobile phone client.

  • Data History Environmental data gathered by the detector is recorded and saved,
    allowing you to check the history and examine changes in air quality over time.

  • Night Mode The detector will automatically decrease screen brightness to avoid disturbing
    your sleep while continuing to monitor environmental data.

*All above test data is from our company laboratory. Inconsistencies may occur during
actual use due to environmental changes. Please carefully read the product instructions, or
consult your doctor before use.

Letting your whole family breathe clean air

If you discover that the air quality in the home is getting worse, you should consider using a Xiaomi air purifier to
clean your home environment. A Xiaomi air purifier 2 is not only able to purify PM2.5 in the air, it can also purify
formaldehyde, benzene, allergens, smoke, harmful chemical substances, dust, and many other kinds of airborne
pollutants. Every second of every minute, clean air will be filling your entire room.

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