Smartmi Electronic bidet

Instantaneous water heating Comfortable rinsing Sanitary Cleansing
Instantaneous, constant temperature water supply | Comfortable rinsing/gynecological flushing
Standard PP cotton filter | Dual self-cleaning jet

Clean, comfortable, intimate

We are looking for a new way to familiarize the toilet experience to make it more clean and comfortable. The mild flowing water completely washes
away all remnants; The strict clean standard dispels the inner anxiety. Every time it is used is more natural and intimate.

Instantaneous, constant temperature water supply,
providing more sanitary instantaneous heating water

The Smartmi electronic bidet uses a ceramic instantaneous heating water supply system. By the time the water touches you, it has already been heated to a pleasant
temperature, which will remain through constant flushing. This product overcomes normal thermal storage products’ shortcomings of bacteria breeding and unstable
water temperature.

Health water to avoid
bacterial growth
More power efficient and environmentally friendly
than thermal storage
Constant water temperature
through flushing

Schematic Diagram of Instantaneous Heating Theory

Instantaneous heating
Once you start flushing, the fresh water will be heated immediate-
ly, and will be remain at a constant temperature through a long
time, which guarantees extraordinary flushing experience and
higher hygienic standard, and also saves more power.
Thermal storage
Water tanks fill as needed, but the amount of warm water it can
store is limited. As you rinse, the water temperature will continu-
ously decrease. Water stored for a long period of time will foster
bacterial growth, which can lead to health risks.

Cold-and-hot water massage flushing
leaving you cleaner without wiping

The 4-G water temperature and water pressure adjustments as well as the reciprocating flushing function,
provide you with both comfort and cleanliness.

4-G water temperature /
Water pressure adjustments
Switch to proper temperature and intensity at will
Hot and cold massage
The cold-and-hot water alternating flushing relaxes
the parts you clean
Re-push Bottom Washing button during flushing, the jet will move back and forth
constantly, to enlarge the flushing scale and improve cleaning efficacy.

Go-as-you-please gentle gynecological flushing
simplify the private cleaning

Smartmi electronic bidet provides, at any time, a convenient way of private cleaning for women,
so that they could maintain cleanness even in their periods. Gynecological flushing applies gentle
shower-head water flow, so you can flexibly control water temperature, water pressure, and
water position, to make yourself clean.

Shower-head water flow
Reciprocating flushing
PP cotton filter element

Standard external filter,
offering healthier water

Considering the particularity of local water use, an external PP cotton filter is attached.
By removing impurities such as sediment and incrustation, the filtered water is more san-
itary than usual bath water.

Effectively filtrating impurities of 20 microns or more

Worm eggs

Self-cleaning flow water, UV sterilization
99.9% antibacterial rate

Before rinsing, the ring water will clean the jet thoroughly. After leaving the seat, the UV will effec-
tively remove the bacteria from it. The Smartmi electronic bidet will always keep itself clean,
ensuring your health at every flushing.

Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureus
Candida albicans
The data is originated from Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology,
detection basis and method: Disinfection Technology Standards (Ministry of Health, 2002 version) -

4-G seat temperature adjustment
offering pleasant seated feeling

Every time you sit, you are surrounded by warmth. The sensor in seat ring can
detect your seated condition in real time, and gently lower the temperature to
avoid low-temperature skin burning. We expect to deal with every intimate con-
tact with you in the most familiar way.

4-G seat temperature
Avoid low-temperature
skin burning
3D curved seat ring
PP antibacterial material

Carefully designed button panel
being easy to handle

Simply easy-to-use operation panel, making any function be easily accessible.
You don't have to study hard, but could get it when you need it.

Being pleased is to be satisfied with every detail

Security guarantee

In case of emergency, the leakage protection plug will cut
off the power immediately.

Overall IPX4 waterproof

To prevent splashing in all directions, leaving
daily use safe and reliable.

Slow-fall cover/seat ring

To prevent the harsh sound caused by the rapid
fall of the seat ring.

LED noctilucence lighting

Convenient to use at night, avoids disturbing
your family